Awards In Italian Culture

In order to acknowledge and reward leading figures both in the United States and Italy who excel in activities relating to all aspects of Italian culture, FIAC has established two annual awards each amounting to $25,000. The awards go to one leading figure in the United States and to another leading figure in Italy. Nominations and awards will be made by the FIAC ’s United States Advisory Board for the Italian award, and by the Italian Advisory Board for the American award.

The Advisory Boards have the widest latitude and freedom in making nominations and selecting the winners of the award. The award recipients are decided by vote. If the vote is evenly split and the impasse cannot be solved, the Chairman of the FIAC chooses the winner or decides to split the award between the two finalists.

The following guidelines apply to the nomination and selection process: Nominations can be made by mail and/or by phone by calling the Foundation Cultural Director, but the decision will be made only by those present at the Advisory Board Meeting. No proxies will be accepted.

The two advisory boards cannot nominate or give awards to members of their own sections, however the American Advisory Board can give the award to a member of the Italian Advisory Board and vice versa.

The selection process for the Italian award will take into special consideration candidates who have been particularly active in the promotion of Italian culture in the United States.

For the American award special consideration will be given to candidates who have been particularly active in the promotion of cultural exchanges between Italy and the United States.

The decisions made by the Advisory Boards will be confirmed by the President and the Chairman who can overturn them only on procedural grounds and not on merit.


2016 FIAC Excellency Award Winners:

Dr. Eike Schmidt
Dr. Davide Gasparotto

Previous FIAC Awards

Mariella Utili
Eric M. Lee

Thomas P. Campbell

Dr. Colin B. Bailey
Dr. Daniela Porro

Antonia Pasqua Recchia
Brian J. Ferriso

Glenn Lowry
Rossella Vodret

Malcolm Rogers
Roberto Cecchi

Anne Poulet
Nicola Spinosa

Phillip de Montebello
Cristina Acidini

David Alan Brown
Salvatore Settis

Keith Christiansen
Antonio Paolucci